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Our Story

Who Are We? 

Freya Trade LLC is a proudly women-owned and family-run business, dedicated to providing excellent customer service and quality products that are also environmental-friendly. With a wide network of international partners and suppliers, we are passionate about taking care of both our customers and Mother Earth. Our main focus is giving work opportunities to women around the world and to local minority owned businesses! We currently sell handmade fashion, decorative accessories and wildly picked herbs and spices made by  women. Our products are purchased exclusively from WOMEN and Local Partners.

How did it all begin? 

Freya Trade LLC  started with a humble beginning in the Levantine region. The Levantine region, which encompasses parts of the eastern Mediterranean, is known for its rich culinary traditions that incorporate the use of various herbs and spices.

Amal, the founder of the business, grew up in this region and witnessed her mother and other mothers in the community picking herbs from the surrounding hills and valleys to use in their cooking. She noticed how these herbs added depth and complexity to their dishes, and how they were an integral part of the local cuisine.

Years later, after moving to a new country and finding it difficult to source high-quality herbs and spices, Amal decided to start her own business by creating an online store and selling these herbs and spices, sourcing them directly from the Levantine region. She started by reaching out to her mother and other mothers in the community who still picked herbs for their own use. She asked if they could pick extra herbs and sell them to her, which she would then package and sell to others in the community.

Amal's hope is for Freya Trade to become a go-to source for people who want to elevate their cooking and add a touch of the Levantine region to their dishes.

Our Vision is to help women around the world and local minority-owned businesses attain and sustain their independence while sharing with our beloved customers a little bit of the Levantine experience and excellence.

Our Mission is to give all women and minority owned business access to equal opportunities through creating and supplying products that are environmentally sustainable while promoting well-being.

Why Join Us?

  • Well-Being: We focus on providing our clients with products that will benefit their health. We strive to make well-being an accessible lifestyle to everyone, while sharing some of our ancestors secrets with you - because the Levantine don't gatekeep!

  • Quality: We offer high quality products that are made with love, care, and mindfulness . 

  • Support Women & Minority Owned Businesses: Every time you purchase from Freya Trade LLC, you will be helping a woman owned business or a minority owned business achieve more success.

  • Mother Earth: Our products are 100% cruelty free. Our women suppliers have been wildly picking up herbs for centuries and have developed a connection with the planet, which brought about ethics that are followed while picking up any plant. (Check out the stories on how our Levantine mothers interact with nature in our Blog).

We hope that you join us in our mission to make the world a better place.


Thank You For Choosing Us!


With Love,

The Freya Trade LLC family

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