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What are the unspoken ethics of picking up herbs in the Levantine Region?

Let me take you on a little journey with me while you explore the traditions and ethics of picking up herbs in the Levantine Region.

For those of you who are new to this website.

Hi, my name is Amal and I am the founder of Freya Trade LLC.

In addition to making the Levantine's spices and herbs accessible to you.

Every now and then, I like to share some stories about how our mothers connected with nature and to share some of their adventures with you.

Today's story is about the unspoken ethics of picking up herbs in the Levantine Region.

There's nothing our Levantine mothers love more than their children.

From the moment they become mothers, they dedicate their lives to their children, and without realizing it, they start to lose a lot of the parts that they used to enjoy prior.

Nature was a place where our mothers would go to pick up many herbs that made up a main part of our cuisines and are believed to have various benefits.

So, nature becomes their new joy.

They go to pick up food, walk, and connect with earth; and lets be honest, sometimes to escape from us. The children.

Now that I have children of my own, I get it.

But...., who are they kidding. Just like my kids follow me to the pantry, I used to follow my mom to the wild.

I accompanied her on many of her journeys.

Sometimes I would go to help, but mostly I would run around and have picnics with my siblings and cousins.

And my mothers interaction with nature is something I hope I never lose.

I remember that whenever she picked an herb from the ground, she would always pick the top part of the plant, leaving the roots so that

whoever comes after her would also find something to pick.

Olives picking season is one of the most famous seasons in Levant.

Whenever we would pick up some olives, we would always leave olives at the top of the tree because those were left for the birds.

When we were given fruits to eat, we were taught to throw the seeds on the soil to grow, and unsurprisingly, we had multiple trees, palm, almond, apple, and other trees grow next to our house from following this method.

You eat a fruit, you grow a tree.

These are just some of the stories that I recall.

Some of the experiences that I got the chance to see and be a part of.

But it all goes beyond this.

And our hope is, that our little Freya Trade, keeps supporting our mothers in the Levant so that we don't forever lose this connection.

We have already lost a lot of it.

With your help and support, we can hope to restore what we lost and to keep the tradition going.

So the next time you pick up a Freya Trade jar, take a moment to think about the stories and traditions behind it.

Remember the mothers who picked those herbs with care and respect, and the connection they have with mother earth. And let that connection inspire you to live your own life in a way that honors and respects the environment.

With Much Love,

The Freya Trade Family

Is there something that I didn't mention?

Does your culture have something similar to these stories?

What would you like to learn about next?

Please share in the comment section below.


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