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  • What cities do you ship to? 

         Currently, we are only delivering to the greater Houston Area. We are working on expanding

          nationally. Keep checking our website or subscribe to our newsletter for info about when will we

          start delivering to your city and to know more about our farmers market events. 

  • What does Levant/Levantine mean? 

         Levant or Levantine represents the region where our products come from. This region includes the

         following countries: Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq

  • Why is the delivery flat rate regardless how much I order?

         Since we only offer Local Delivery for now, we have to put a flat rate on delivery for it to make

         sense. Even with the flat rate, it still costs us more than the current rate to deliver. Once we finish

         the process to expand nationally, we'll be able to offer other shipping options that will calculate

         as per location. What you can do for now, is make an order with everything that you need at once

         to save on shipping. Also, you get free shipping on orders $35 plus. 

If you still need clarification, please contact us

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